LoriAbout Us

Lori’s passion began in the restaurant industry where she managed for 15 years. Realizing she truly enjoyed creating food, Lori began professionally cooking in 2000. Lori has always had a passion for farmers’ markets which inspired her to create her first original recipe salsa. After the success from local sales, Lori created Natural Northern Foods and continues her passion by creating great tasting, whole, healthy foods for everyone.

We started in 2005 making a fresh salsa using only fresh ingredients, with no sugar added or preservatives. With an overwhelming response to the fresh taste and healthy creation, Natural Northern Foods now has a variety of dips & spreads all made without preservatives. Natural Northern Foods is located in Northern Michigan and uses the highest quality local ingredients in each of its unique creations put together by Lori. The Result… Quality, whole, healthy foods that Taste Great!