Creamy Garlic Artichoke Spread

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  • Laura Gayer says:

    Bought this at a St. Julian Winery. OMG!! This is the BEST! I absolutely love this spread! It’s super creamy and thick. Sits and clings well on the chip or bread of choice. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it’s price tag. I will also be bringing this to parties too. Makes a great hostess gift or bring to the pot-luck. You cannot go wrong with this delicious spread!!! Looking forward to trying the other flavors. Give it a try… you will NOT be disappointed!

  • Jeffrey B says:

    Love this stuff! Dip some plain bagel crisps into it and it is heaven. Can’t always find it in stock at Toms, and seems to be out for a couple weeks, then in for a couple weeks, but when I find it I snag as much as I can eat! The flavor varies from batch to batch too but only slightly. I think that keeps it from getting boring! There are other similar products by large brands, but this is top notch, locally made food with better flavor and a similar price. What’s not to like!

  • Mike L. says:

    Love it!

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