Fresh, Flavorful, Fun!

A delicious snack for you or flavorful fun for that party this weekend, you can spice up your day with the fresh taste of Salsa, Hummus, Spreads and more! Locally made in Traverse City, MI using the best ingredients we provide the true experience of the best tasting salsas, hummus, cream cheese spreads and more like you just went to your local farmer’s market.

Dedicated to keeping consistent flavorful and fresh foods we make everything using the best ingredients with no preservatives. Enjoying that same great taste over and over is so important to us, so we create each of our foods in small batches to keep the highest quality of ingredients and freshness!

Natural is important to our bodies and so it is important to us. We make everything without preservatives and it is Gluten Free! So find your taste, then find our product near you and enjoy a flavorful refreshment of fun for all!